Monster Paste



Monster Paste is an amazing prothetic for making realistic wound effects. It is for Professional use or for enthusiasts who are prepared to think ahead with their costume and effects. We are very happy to provide a range of Monster Paste in the UK incuding many different Moulds, Transfer Paper, Acetate Sheets and the Paste itself.

In order for Monster Paste to work you will need a Jar of Monster Paste, Transfer Paper and Acetate Sheets and a mold from the Monster Paste range. 

Once removed from the mould it can take 1-7 days to fully dehydrate the transfer so you will need to plan ahead.

Using a food dehydrator will speed up the process.

The dried transfer is then painted with blood and gore as required.

Monster paste is Latex free, it is made mostly from Pros-aide which is a very strong, non-toxic, waterproof adhesive It is gentle to all skin types, and will not be affected by perspiration or moisture. However DO NOT use around the eyes.

The transferred Monster Paste transfer can stay on for a few days, even in water.  

Please check out the informative tutorial for a full easy to use guide to Monster Paste.

Carefully remove with baby oil or mineral based make up remover,

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