Our Black Velvet, Arty Cake, created by renowned UK face painter, NYGlorious is a limited production of Arty Cakes by Silly Farm.
The black edge will help you create your one stroke designs without having to take the time to outline them, the silver can be applied thick or thin depending on how transparent your want your look to be. 
Perfect for Beautiful Roses, Butterflies, Flowers, Eye masks, Crowns, and so much more.  
The 28g arty cakes are miniature rainbow cakes that are used with a flat brush or sponge to create amazingly blended designs with one stroke
Arty Brush cakes are best used with a No. 12 or a 1” flat brush for maximum coverage.
Dip your brush in water and blot extra water from brush on a dry paper towel, next rub your brush back and forth across the surface of the Arty cake. Make sure to load your brush equally on both sides of the bristles.
If you are using a sponge you can either dip it in water and squeeze all excess water or you can use a spray bottle to wet your sponge.

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