LaDot, Tattoo Stones are a unique hand made tattoo tool.
The stones are designed to be used with LaDot ink and ink pad (sold separately)
Each stone is made by hand and has an unlimited lifetime.
The tattoo is water-resistant and will stay up to 4 days on your skin. For best results, use alcohol wipes to cleanse skin prior to application.
Simply roll the stone over the inkpad before immediately rolling the stone over the skin. Add colour to the tattoo by using LaDot liners, gems and glitter (sold separately)
ink pad, ink, glue, brushes, gems, liners and glitter are all sold individually.
Remove with baby oil or make up remover.
Full instructions are included with each stone, please read instructions carefully before using.
We also stock a two stone gift set, ideal as a starter kit or as a gift for party girl.

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