FPA 28g Combo, Prima Barton, Fairy Wren

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Our 28g Fairy Wren Brush Combo is the 3rd of the Prima Barton Series by Face Paint Australia, water based one strokes, which help you create beautiful designs with the swipe of your brush or sponge.

Prima Barton is an amazing, award winning artist from Australia. 

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Fairy Wren is an ever popular combo of Silver, Pink & Purple blend to give a soft, whimsical look to any design, with the Black edge finishing off any design by edging it perfectly.

Fairy Wren includes Essential Black & Purple, Metallix Red & Silver.

Vibrant and highly pigmented, ideal for face and body painting. The high covering power makes them economical for use in professional face painting.

To apply, use a moist sponge or brush, do not add water to the paint direct. Using the flat side of your damp sponge, wipe across the one stroke-combo, parallel with the stripes, loading the sponge. On the selected area of skin, gently dab the sponge (pressing, not wiping) until the desired density of paint is applied.

A 3/4” (18mm) or 1" (25mm) Flat, Filbert or Angle Brush are good brush options.

 The paint will dry to a smudge free finish in under a minute. 

Washes off easily with soap and water, however remove any residual colour with makeup remover or baby oil or an alternative natural skin-safe oil.

 FPA products contain no animal ingredients by-products, in the manufacturing process, and are not tested on animals. Perfume Free

FPA Essential colours are FDA Compliant for Cosmetic Use.

As with most cosmetics, don’t leave on eyes or lips for extended periods of time. Children under six years should use with adult supervision. Avoid contact with fabrics. May cause irritation to sensitive skin, discontinue use if irritation or rash develops. Use within 18 months of opening container.

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