Tap Double Stencil, Big Eye Fairy

Jest Paint



Our Big Eye Fairy (103) Double Tap Stencil from Jest Paint is great for adding the finishing touch to your face painting designs.

Big Eyes Fairy is great to quickly create a beautiful fairy design with big bright eyes that can be enhanced with some rainbow brush strokes and some glitter to make it even better. The fairy has no hair so that you can create your own using split cakes.

These Double Stencils are ultimate face painting tool, designed to fit above the eyebrows or right on the centre of the forehead of small and large faces to allow you to create great looking designs. 

Each stencil comes with 2 parts of a design, the outline and the fill in.

TAP stencils can enhance your work, help you work faster, help you add intricate details to a design and help you accomplish shapes and textures that are otherwise very hard to do free hand.

The flexible material and rounded shape allow the stencil to curve with the shape of the face and fit in any desired area without any inconvenience. 

Sponge or Finger Dauber should be slightly damp, it is best to apply water to the paint and then pick up the wet creamy paint with your damp or dry sponge. To avoid smudging, carefully wipe TAPS off with a moist sponge (and let dry) or a dry paper towel between uses and make sure that you are painting over a dry base.

To create a 3-D effect tap with one colour, then slide the stencil over slightly and tap with a second colour.

These stencils can be used many many times, but be gentle with them so they last a long time Use a snap ring to hold your stencils so you don't loose them.

Approx, 152mm x 94mm, Thickness 0.18mm (7mil Mylar)


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