Grimas, Nose Wax


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Our Grimas Nose Wax is a malleable material that can be used for creating all sorts of deformations of the nose or chin during make-up. It is not suitable for sticking to mobile parts of the skin; Grimas Derma Wax should be used for that. 

Apply Nose Wax on clean and grease-free skin onto which no creams have been applied. For additional adhesion to the skin, first clean it with Cleansing Lotion. Then brush the skin lightly with Grimas Mastix Extra and stick a few snippets of light-coloured wool crepe over it.

Use the convex rounded side of the Derma Wax Spatula to take Nose Wax out of the pot. Knead the Nose Wax with the fingers to make it malleable and then construct the deformation as a series of successive layers.

Smooth the surface and edges of the Nose Wax off with your fingertips, using a little bit of Grimas Cleansing Cream, Afschmink or Make-up Remover. Then dab it all over with a clean make-up sponge. This gives a matt effect and also adds a skin-structure effect. You can now apply the final colour to the Nose Wax using Grimas Crème Make-up (Pure) to get an effect that is as "real" as possible.

Powder the entire area off to fix and matt it.

To remove scrape the Nose Wax off the skin with the spatula. Then massage Multi Remover or Cleansing Cream into the skin and remove the material with a tissue. Any glue residues can be removed with Mastix Remover.

Product reduced as expiry date near.

Then cleanse the skin with Cleansing Lotion.

Size 60ml pots.


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