Grimas, Film Blood A, 500ml


$17.00 $24.00


Our Grimas Filmblood "A" retains its shine and does not dry out. It is used for finishing 'wounds' and can be applied directly onto the skin.

There are two colours of Filmblood: light, oxygenated blood (A) and dark, deoxygenated blood (B).

The blood can be removed from the skin with cold water initially and then with soap and water. When on clothes, first soak in cold water with a pre-wash detergent.

Size 500ml.

In the example images, the artist has applied Derma Wax to create the wound, then water based black paint to the inside of the wound for depth and dark red around the sides before adding the blood.

Filmblood "B" was used in the above example. Filmblood "A" is a lot lighter.


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