DFX, 1 Stroke Split Cake, Midnight 28g

Diamond FX

£7.50 GBP inc.VAT 


DFX, 1 Stroke Split Cake, Midnight 28g

Our 30g Diamond FX Midnight (Captain Obvious) split cakes are perfect for your one load brush and sponge work, with great covering power making them very economical for use in professional face painting. 

Spray the cake with water to moisten, then drag your sponge or brush over the cake back and forth making sure to pick up all the different colors. Then apply it to the skin in one direction and watch as the colours instantly blend perfectly with total ease!

The colours are water based, rub-resistant yet easy to remove with tepid water and skin wash.

Includes: Dark Blue, Blue, Light Blue, White

Perfect for creating birds, dolphins, flowers, butterflies, dragons, dragonflies etc.


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