Pure Platinum White Glitter, Glitter 501


£1.70  £2.99


Create an out-of-this-world sparkle to body art or glitter tattoos with our 5g, Ybody Pure,  Platinum White Glitter, enough for approx. 30 tattoos.

Hints and Tips

Use cosmetic-grade glitter approved for use on human skin. Nail art glitter is cheaper but can harm the customer.

Always use body art glue approved for use on human skin.

Allow the glue on the skin to become translucent before applying the glitter powder.

Glitters are very finely cut so avoid working in a windy place.

Avoid craft glitter for body art. Craft glitter is usually made of metal and will almost certainly cause serious injury.

Use a stiff nylon brush for picking up glitter; it is also much easier to clean.

For external use only. Avoid use close to the eyes. 


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