Y body, Pro Kit


£44.99  £69.99

Our Ybody, Pro Kit is a  great way to start your glitter tattoo business with Ybody professional tools on a tight budget.

The Black Colorini Ink which is included is a healthy alternative for henna. Used by the theatre for the real tattoo look.
Pro Kit contains:
120 Assorted stencils,
15ml Pink Glue,
15ml Black Colorini,
6 x 15ml dazzling glitter colours in Glitter pot,
including, lime green, turquoise, lilac, gold pink and purple. (90ml Total)
2 x 5ml Platinum white Glitter,
2 piece Brush set.
Only One Available,
The 6 x glitter pot is normally £14.99, Pink Glue £4.50, Colorini ink £8.99, 2 x 5ml Platinum Glitter £2.99 each, thats £34.50 before the 120 stencils.
Special Clearance price £44.99
Image for guidance only, please note contents above.

How to use.

Simply clean the skin area, peel the white back off the stencil and place on skin. Peel the transparent front from the stencil and apply thin layer of Y Body Pink Glue. Wait until glue becomes transparent then apply sprinkle of Glitter. Gently remove sticker from the skin and dust off excess glitter with the wide brush.

Glitter tattoo is waterproof and should last 3 to 10 days.

Do not apply to sensitive skin or near the eyes.


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