Grimas Cake, Stage Gypsy Light Brown 1040



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Grimas, Cake stage Make up “Gypsy, Light Brown 1040”

These colours are designed for use under stage lighting.

Grimas Cake makeup is easy to use, ideal for large cast shows, dance and school productions. The matt finish is very useful for television, film and photography and as a base for face painting.

Available in 35 gramme containers, which is sufficient to cover 50-60 faces. 

Clean the skin with a Cleansing Lotion to remove excess grease. If the skin is dehydrated or sensitive, apply a thin layer of Grimas undermakeup base after cleansing and leave it 3-5 minutes to absorb before applying the Cake makeup.

Do not use any greasy creams under Cake makeup. They will make the makeup streaky.

Cake makeup is a water based matt base makeup applied with a damp foam sponge.  Once the cake makeup has dried, which it does very quickly, use eyeshadow/rouge for highlight, shading and blusher.




Stage woman, Base 1002 is the most commonly used colour for white women on stage and gives a natural fair skin appearance.. It is also used for children of both sexes.

The usual blusher is eyeshadow/rouge 545 bordeaux.

Stage men, Base 1027 is the most commonly used colour for white men on stage. 560 brick red eyeshadow is the usual blusher

Under stage lighting 1027 appears as lightly tanned skin.


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