Tag, Build your own, 50g Split-Blend Palette


£99.99 GBP inc.VAT £114.99 GBP inc.VAT


Save some cash with our 50g, Split Blending Palette by Tag Bodyart, which includes a Case (£17.99) and Foam Insert (£5.50). this kit will save almost 15% discount off normal prices.

This kit includes 9 popular split cakes (out of a choice of 12) please feel free to contact us if you wish to change any product-colour, or simply add your changes in the comment-note box at the checkout stage. 

Average Price £114.99, Special price £99.99 and Includes

 Carnival  Foxy  Jewel
 Sunset  Rainbow Delight  Tiger
 Fairy Floss  Gelati  Dream


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Please note, no further discount is available on this product as it is already reduced.

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