Superstar, 16g Aqua Colour Palette


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Our Superstar, Professional Palette contains 24 x 16g Aqua Colours, and includes a case and Insert.
Our kit is ready supplied with the more popular colours, however please feel free to contact us if you wish to change any like for like priced product-colour, or simply add your changes in the comment-note box at the checkout stage.
Honestly, we don't mind.
Any 24 x 16g Superstar Aqua colours, ready supplied with below 
 Aubergine  Blue  Blue Sky  African Brown
 Brown Light  Indian Brown  Green  Green Poison
 Grey Dark  Skull Complexion  Lilac  Lilac Pastel
 Orange  Peach  Pink  Pink Cyclamen
 Purple  Purple La La Land  Red  Yellow
 Yellow Soft  Deep Black  White Intense  Santa Claus
any 4 x 15g Carnival Regular Glitter (click link for full options)
ready supplied with, bright silver, gold, hot pink and red
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