Special FX-Casualty Kit, Plus Kit


£91.99 GBP inc.VAT £98.43 GBP inc.VAT

Our Special FX Plus kit is an extension to our starter kit, the perfect way to introduce you to the world of fx and casualty stimulation and at the same time save some money.
This kit will cover all aspects of Special FX make up including scars, bruises, wounds and burns.
As per the Starter Kit, we don't want to  fool anyone, the goods in this kit are all professional quality, however to keep cost realistic, we have put smaller size/quantity products within, then as you get to know each product, you can reorder larger size items.
Within the Plus Kit we have exchanged the 4 Colour Bruise wheel for the
Grimas, 12 Colour Casualty palette, plus a 
Make Up Remover, 1oz
Barrier Spray, 1oz
Colourset Powder, 1oz
and as per the Starter Kit
The kit includes, (all Mehron or Grimas, except tools)
Liquid Latex, 1oz
Blood, Coaglated Gel, 1oz
Blood, Squirt Bright, 2oz
Blood, Stage, Dk Venous, 1oz
3D Gel, 0.5oz
Extra Flesh and Fixative, 0.3oz
Model Putty and Fixative, 0.3oz
Stipple Sponge
Foam Sponge x 2
Latex Sponge
Spirit Gum .25g and Remover 1oz
Rigid Collodion, 4ml
Model Tool and No 1 x Flat and Round Brushes
Regular Price of individual Goods £98.43, Special Price £91.99.
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