Paint Pal, Little Drop, Filbert

Silly farm



Our Paint Pal, Little Drop Brush is a Filbert Style Brush, ideal to create small Tear Drops and Petals.

Perfect to apply make up to the corners of the eyes.

 Our Paint Pal collection of brushes by Silly Farm are hand picked and custom designed brushes made by painters for painters to help you create perfect lines every time. 

The synthetic brush fibers are sturdy and tested to be used in repeated use in water with face and body make up.

Each Paint Pal brush was created and tested with the busy painter in mind so you can expect the best quality brushes from our line. 

Brush Length, 185mm

Width, 8mm

Length, 12mm

Brushes are disposable, extending life expectancy of your brushes can be achieved with good care and attention. Dont leave in water and clean with brush soap or cleaner after every use and dry.


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