Sally Ann Practice Board, Realistic Lady, Kasia

Sally Ann Lynch

£10.99  £12.99


Our Kasia, Realistic Lady Practice Boards are the ultimate practice tools.

This new range of 3D boards, created by designer Ellie McGuffie allow artists to develop their face painting skills using anatomically correct face structures.

The board has a great texture which will be the next best thing to actual skin and this really helps with your face painting skills.

You can use the board simply to practice or show it off on social media in the various groups and also send imagery to potential new clients.

The Practice Board’s by Sally-Ann Lynch have become so popular with Face and Body painters. The boards can be used over and over again, simply wiped clean with hot soapy water.

No stains should occur if the washing guidelines are followed.

Size A4, 210 x 297mm (8.3" x 11.7")


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