Ruby Red, Pro Kit A

Ruby Red

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Our Ruby Red, Pro Kit A, includes our Jumbo and Jumbo 2 palettes, that's 16 x 18ml, easy on easy off face paint!

The colors are white, grey, black, pecan, pink, red, pale yellow, yellow, blue, ultramarine, turquoise, lime, green, orange, lilac and purple. 

You will also receive five 56 page step-by-step books including, 3 Minute Cheek Art, Facing the Sea, Fast Faces, Ghoul's Gore & More and Boy's Eye Design

Plus, two 8 colour petal sponges, five professional brushes (Fine Round, Large Round, Fine Flat, Large Flat and Small Filbert) and

2 x glitters,  .7 ounce Gold and .7 ounce Silver loose glitter.

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