Ox-hair Brushes


£1.90 GBP inc.VAT 


Grimas Ox-hair Brushes

These brushes are intended for face-painting with Grimas Water Make-up. 
Ox-hair Brushes are flat brushes with a straight top. The brushes have a red stem and the number indicates the width in mm.

Ox hair requires more control, so apply gentle pressure when working with these brushes. 
The hairs of brushes R2 and R4 can be cut off at an angle to allow finer work (for example modelling eyebrows, camouflage).

Ox-hair Brushes can be cleaned with water and shampoo or soap. After washing, mould the wet hairs into the right shape by hand and leave the brush to dry on a towel. Do not leave the brush upright during drying, because the water will then be absorbed into the shaft. Do not leave the brushes standing in a bowl of water for long periods, because this is bad for the hairs.



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