Monsters Paste, Starter Kit

Monster Paste

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Monsters Paste, Starter Kit
Monster Paste, Starter Kits are easy for you to make your own 3D Transfers over and over again. The Kit includes

1 oz of Monster Paste (Makes 8-10 Transfers)
1 Silicone Prosthetic Mould (your choice in the drop down menu)
2 Transfer Paper sheets and Acetate sheets
2 Tongue Depressors
1 Squeegee
1 Vial of Monster Blood
1 Vial of Mould Release Gel

Monster paste is Latex free, it is made mostly from Pros-aide which is a very strong, non-toxic, waterproof adhesive It is gentle to all skin types, and will not be affected by perspiration or moisture. However DO NOT use around the eyes.

The Mould can stay on for a few days, even in water.  

Remove with baby oil or mineral based make up remover, 



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