Kryolan Torey, Flat 12


£4.30  £6.00


Our Kryolan, Flat No 12, Torey Brushes are manufactured with top-quality synthetic Japanese Fibre.

One of the chief characteristics of Torey brushes is that they absorb only a little make-up at a time, which means they are economical in consumption of make-up products.

Brush Length, 188mm

Bristle Width, 12mm

Bristle Length, 18mm

The Kryolan smaller Flat brushes are ideal for detail line work, filling in designs and creating teardrops and swirls. The Larger flat brushes are perfect for 1 Stroke designs.

Brushes are disposable, extending life expectancy of your brushes can be achieved with good care and attention. Dont leave in water and clean with brush soap or cleaner after every use and dry.


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