Kraze, 25g Blue Olympic


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Our Kraze, Olympic Blue (non staining), wax based paint is a vibrant and highly pigmented water activated makeup for face and body painting.

Kraze FX formula dries quickly to a soft and opaque coverage, that flexes with movements, resistant to fading and cracking. 

Olympic Blue is a warm shade of Blue, not as strong as the Royal Blue.

To apply, simply use a little water, using your sponge or brush slightly wet, rub the surface of the paint and then apply to the skin. 

To wash off, use a slightly damp sponge or cloth, add a little soap and work the paint off until all pigments have been loosened. Then rinse with water.

Some traces of colour might remain for a short period of time.

Size, 25 gm square "stackable" container.

Made in facilities free of gluten or paraben, free of animal products. 

Not tested on animals.

Discontinue use in case of any rash or irritation.

Keep away from small children due to choking hazard due to small parts.

Avoid contact with fabrics.

Non toxic and hypoallergenic formula is compliant with EU & FDA cosmetic regulations.

Conforms to EU and FDA ASTM D-4236& (EC) 1223/2009/ EEC.


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