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Grimas, Latex Nose Tip 201

Grimas Latex Noses and Sets are rubber noses, snouts, horns, ears and chins that are supplied as a single item or in sets of two or three. Perfect for the theatre, carnival make-up, film and television. When used properly, the noses and sets can be re-used several times.

Take the Nose of the box and place it on the skin to get an impression of whether the edges are a good fit and where it is soon going to be glued on. Everything that is going to be coloured in a skin tone -except for the edges -must be pre-coloured slightly with red to suggest naturally perfused skin. To do this, apply a red Grimas Eyeshadow/Rouge using a make-up sponge or blusher brush. Then use a sponge to apply a covering layer of Grimas Camouflage Make-up (Pure) in the desired skin shade. Work directly from the stick or spatula. If you want to give the Nose a brighter colour, use Grimas Crème Make-up Pure.

Use Grimas Camouflage Make-up (Pure) rather than Crème Make-up (Pure) for skin tones. Apply a little Grimas Mastix Extra to the inside of the scales/adhesive edge and allow it to dry for a few seconds. Do the following to get the correct degree of adhesion: press the Nose lightly in place and then remove it again straight away. Wait a few seconds and reposition the application, pressing the edges in place with a tissue. To get a smooth transition between the latex application and the skin, even the edges off as follows: apply a thin line of eyelash adhesive to the edge of a sponge and dab this over the transition between the Latex Nose and the skin. Allow to dry (use a hairdryer to help) until the result is transparent. Repeat this process until a nice and even transition has been obtained. Colour the edges of the transition with the colour being used. Powder it all off with Grimas Transparent Powder or Fixing Powder and then remove any excess powder.


Wipe a cotton bud soaked in Grimas Mastix Remover along the adhesive edge to loosen it. The adhesive and make-up residues can be removed with Mastix Remover. Massage Grimas Multi Remover or Cleansing Cream into the skin and remove with a tissue. Then cleanse the skin with Cleansing Lotion.

Cleaning and storage

Clean the Nose with soap and water and then powder with Grimas Transparent Powder. Keep in a dark place.


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