Metallic Tattoo, Lattice Band

Glimmer Body Art

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Glimmer Body Art, Metallic Tattoo Lattice Band (F23)
Metallic Jewelry Tattoos are perfect for the young ladies that believe Glitter Tattoos are "for the kids”
These Jewelry Tattoos bring a different aspect to your work kit and help create additional income, great for any female gathering including hen parties to baby showers.
 Carefully cut out the tattoo and peel off the clear film. Press to clean, dry skin and carefully dampen with a flannel or a sponge. Press for around 20 seconds then carefully peel away.
These temporary tattoos are a dream to apply.
So easy and effortless and most importantly, pain free.
5 Pack; each tattoo sheet: 8" x 1"

Images for guidance only
Lasts 3-5 days, however longer if care is taken not to apply creams, oils or rub tattoo.
Waterproof and non-toxic.
Remove with olive-baby oil, nail polish remover or household alcohol.
Full instructions included.
Limited Stock available.
Only a few available, please enquire if you are interested in quantity level.


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