G Pro Essential, Accents I

Glimmer Body Art



Our Accents I Glimmer Body Art HD stencil is part of the Essential Range of the GO Couture Professional range. 

Essential stencils are slightly bigger but a whole lot more fun. Many are meant to be cut and pieced together to other designs, creating a world of visual interest on a client’s skin. 

These stencils are the ultimate adhesive stencils and can be used for Glitter Tattoos using ultra fine Glitter (one use per design) 

Try using the Glimmer Body Art, G Pro Glitter for the ultimate effect.

Can also be used with Airbrush and have a special adhesive coating that can be cleaned and wiped down with alcohol to be reused.

Each Essential stencil pack contains 2 stencils.

4.8" x 4.5" x 0.25"

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