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Our Grimas 15ml, Chinese Cream Make Up (No.1004) is used for toning white skin.

Under stage lighting it appears as natural Chinese tone

Grimas Cream Make-up is based on oils and waxes, perfect for theatrical, face and bodypainting and for visagie as cream eye shadow or blusher (also suitable for colouring Latex Prosthetics)

To use, degrease and clean the skin with Cleansing Lotion, then wipe dry.

Remove a small amount of cream using a clean spatula, slightly rub the cream on the spatula which will make it softer and easier to handle. 

Use a slightly damp latex sponge, a brush or your fingertip to apply it onto the skin.

Tip: If you dilute the cream with a little Mastix Remover or pure alcohol, it is easier to apply with a brush and you can also draw thinner lines.

Grimas Crème can be mattified and fixed (waterproof) with Fixing Powder.

Remove with an Oil Based Remover, Cleansing Cream or Make-up Remover.

Do not use ready-to-use cleansing cloths.

You may also consider applying fixing powder as a foundation which is transparent and does not influence the colour of the make-up and also transparent powder which is perfect for powdering Cream make up.

Grimas Pure Creams do not contain any chemical preservatives, such as parabens or halogenated organic compounds. Gluten-free, unperfumed and not tested on animals.


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