Graffiti Eye Stencil, Good Vibrations

graffiti eyes

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Graffiti Eye Stencils, Good Vibrations.

Create detailed Musical notes and symbols with our Good Vibrations durable and easy to clean laser cut stencils, perfect to use with brush, sponge or airbrush. 

The graffiti collection features perfectly shaped stencil templates that are great to fit by the eyes and to create impressive cheek art and full face designs.

These are great for all ages but especially loved by the teens and young adults, who appreciate something slightly cooler these graffiti stencils can offer.

Includes 2 stencils, 12 Graffiti Elements, approx. 150mm x 100mm each.

Precision designed for perfect placement, these tools are a must.

Stencils require a little practice to learn but once you master, your designs will appear more professional with intricate, delicate touches and save so much time.

Sponge or Finger Daubers should be slightly damp (almost dry) when tapping the paint onto the stencil. 

To clean the stencil, simply wipe with clean cloth or sponge.

Full step by step instructions included.

Image for guidance.


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