Face Cards, Easter, Spring

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Not just for Easter and Spring, simply great designs, in our new tool by Ashley Pickin.
This set of cards provides a great marketing tool and offers two solutions. First, It will help you learn great new designs using step-by-step photos. Secondly, it will become a great display tool for when you are on the go. 

FaceCards are designed to be used as inspirational cards or on your display board! Use Velcro dots to stick them to your display board and you have an instant menu while you are at a job. 

Can't quite remember how to start the design? Ask each client to bring you the FaceCards design that they have selected and you have an easy reference. 

Each pack of cards comes with 12 designs. 

On the back of each card you will find the name of the design and a step-by-step photos that will guise you to create that same design on your own. 

The card size is 6" x 4" and they are printed on glossy card stock. 
We also added UV coating to make sure the last sun exposure.

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