Carnival "Regular" Glitter Special Offer


£7.99 GBP inc.VAT £9.99 GBP inc.VAT

Carnival "Regular" Glitter Special Offer
7 x 15g Regular Glitter for £9.99 saving almost £4 (normally £13.96)
We have picked 7 colours as our standard collection, or you can choose from the range of 18 Regular glitters, whether it is a mix of colours or just 7 of the same colour. Visit the below link for colour options.
Please see the table below for colours in Our Standard collection 

  Gold            Red             Violet         Black 

 Silver  Sapphire Blue   Green Christmas   

When ordering your own choices, please mention in the note box, the seven colours you would like. 

Our standard collection includes Gold, Red, Violet, Black, Silver, Sapphire Blue and Green Christmas.

Carnival Glitters are cosmetic grade glitters and can be used on the face,body and lips.



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