Ben Nye Effect Gel Wound Kit

Ben Nye

£18.99  £30.99


Ben Nyes, Effect Gel Wound Kit produces convincing and durable self-made Burns, Lacerations, Bullet Holes and Slit Throats plus many more effects.

Includes all 3 Ben Nyes effect gels, Blood, Flesh (Clear) and Scar, with full step by step instructions 

Simply warm until the gel turns to a liquid then create the wound and allow it to set as it cools.

Once set, it will not transfer or smear.

Guide 30-50 applications per Oz. 

Wounds can be pre-made on smooth surfaces and applied when required

These gels may be applied over, under or with makeup for extra realism. 

Size, 3 x 1oz (29ml) tubs


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