Bam's 1005, Reptile Scales

Bad Ass


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Bam’s 1005, Reptile Scales.

This stencil is perfect to add some Reptile Scales to your designs, including Snakes and Lizards.

Our Bam Stencil names and above brief descriptions are a guide, often painters use inspiration, which results with different ideas and outcomes.

Bam’s (Bad Ass Mini Stencil) by Andrea O’Donnell are a face and body painter’s dream come true. 

Bad Ass Stencils are so flexible making detailed designs so quick and easy for both the novice and experienced painters.

High quality, reusable time and time again, perfect for face-body painting and airbrushing.

Stencils require a little practice to learn but once you master, your designs will appear more professional with intricate, delicate touches and save so much time.

Sponge or Finger Daubers should be slightly damp (almost dry) when tapping the paint onto the stencil. 

To clean the stencil, simply wipe with clean cloth or sponge.

Stencil Size: Approx. 3” x 5" (75mm x 150mm)

Thickness, 7mil (0.18mm) Mylar


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