LaDot Tutorial

How To Use Ladot Cosmetics

The ink pad you receive comes in white, (img 1) you need to prepare by adding 3/4 tube of ink to it and leaving if for 1 hour (make sure the ink covers all the pad)(img 2)

The Stones come pre inked but it may take some rolling on the ink pad a few times at first.

To Start
1) Always clean the skin first to make the tattoo last longer. (img 3)

2) Roll the stone onto the pad (img 4), then roll onto the clean skin (img 5)(close the pad immediately as it can dry out in 5 seconds).

3) Additional stones can be used to enlarge the tattoo.(img 6)

4) Liner can be used to enhance the design. (img 8/11)

5) Now you can put the glue where you would like to put your gems or glitter. (img 9) use a brush to tap glitter over design and brush of excess. (img 10)

6) If the ink dosen't go on skin properly (img 13), simply use a liner (img 14) to go over the faded lines to complete the design.

Additional Information
-Tattoos can be removed with make-up remover.

-They are water proof (Dab over with towel after showering to keep design on).

-Stones can only be used with one colour ink, if other colours are required, you will need to buy new stones.

-1 tube of ink does approx 50-100 tattoos depending on size of design.

-Tattoos last several days depending on skin type





"LaDot"-Our liquid is produced and filled ISO 22718 (GMP) and ISO 9001 certified.
The composition respect regelement (EC) N° 1223/2009.
Our ink is cosmetic grade, the same as normal make-up.
The ink of our temporary tattoos does not contain henna or PPD.

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