UV Glitter 15g, Green


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Create an out-of-this-world twist to body art or glitter tattoos with our

15g Ybody U.V. Green Glitter (304) enough for approx. 90 tattoos.

Cosmetic-grade glitter approved for use on human skin. 

U.V. Glitters are all opaque glitters that are UV Reactive, perfect for glitter tattoos as well as black light parties since they will glow super bright.

U.V. Green is great for snakes, leaves and fairies.

Simple to use, dip your brush or finger in glitter and apply to damp paint or add a little Vaseline where you would like to apply the glitter and then add glitter on top.

For longer applications and glitter tattoos, use Body Art glue which should hold the Glitter for days.

Allow the glue on the skin to become translucent before applying the glitter powder.

Glitters are very finely cut so avoid working in a windy place.

For external use only.

Avoid use close to the eyes. 

Please Note, Glitter is sold in Zip Lock Bag, not a jar as shown in image.


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