Silly Farm Rainbow Cake, Pink Potion, 50g

Silly farm

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Our Pink Potion, Rainbow 50g Cakes from Silly Farm are excellent for base work for any design. They are used with a flat brush or sponge to create amazingly blended designs with one stroke.

To Use: Rainbow Cakes are best used with a half sponge or a body brush. Dip your brush in water and blot extra water from brush on a dry paper towel, next rub your brush back and forth across the surface of the Rainbow Cake. Make sure to load your brush equally on both sides of the bristles. For best results use a spray bottle to wet your rainbow cakes and rub a half sponge across the top of the rainbow cake. Make sure you are not using too much water or it will cause colours to blend and bleed into one another.

Expect 100-500 applications per rainbow cake. The cake are now in stackable containers.

These are handcrafted therefore there may be slight imperfections in some cakes.

Remove with baby wipe or soap and water.

These multi-colour cakes are made with FAB (Superstar) and Wolfe face paints. 


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