Select Brush Kit


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Select Artiste Brush Kit, Special Offer
14 assorted brushes from Princeton's Select Artist Range, contained within a professional wallet which stands for easy access during painting.
Created by the fine craftsmen of Princeton,
in partnership with well-known artist Willow Wolfe.
Satin-finish jewel-tone blue handles and silver ferrules make
Select Artiste™ as beautiful to look at as it is to paint with.
Durable, affordable, dependable.
Round No's 2,6 and 10
Angle Shader 1/4" and 1/2" 
Filbert No.6
Flower-Filbert No.6
Flat Wash 1"
Flat Shader No's 4,6 and 10
Chisel Blender No 6
Liner No 2
Script Liner No 2
Normal price, £81.86, special price including wallet is £59.99.
Sorry no further discount can be applied

Click on individual links below for brush information.
Wallet contains:
 Round No 2  Round No 6  Round No 10  Angle Shader 1/4"
Angle Shader 1/2"  Filbert No 6  Flower-Filbert No 6  Flat Wash 1"
 Flat Shader No 4 Flat Shader No 6 Flat Shader No 10  Chisel Blender No 6
 Liner No 2  Script Liner No 2


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