La Corneille (7650) Spotter 10/0

La corneille

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Our La Corneille, Golden Tacklon Spotter 7650, No 10/0 can perform as a round brush, but on a smaller scale.

Shaped much like a round but has a shorter hair length.

Short black handle, synthetic La Corneille Golden Taklon.

Absorbent, durable, versatile, excellent spring and fine chisel edge.

Great for acrylic, oil, watercolor, all media.

The most popular, widely used brush for decorative painting.

Please note, these brushes are really fine, and the image is for guidance only.

Note, in order of fine detail, No 0, No 4/0/ No 5/0 No 10/0 (with 10/0 being the finest)


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