G Pro Essential, Jewels

Glimmer Body Art



Our Jewels Glimmer Body Art HD stencil is part of the Essential Range of the GO Couture Professional range. 

Essential stencils are slightly bigger but a whole lot more fun. Many are meant to be cut and pieced together to other designs, creating a world of visual interest on a client’s skin. 

These stencils are the ultimate adhesive stencils and can be used for Glitter Tattoos using ultra fine Glitter (one use per design) 

Try using the Glimmer Body Art, G Pro Glitter for the ultimate effect.

Can also be used with Airbrush and have a special adhesive coating that can be cleaned and wiped down with alcohol to be reused.

Each Essential stencil pack contains 2 stencils.

4.8" x 4.5" x 0.25"

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