Ybody 6 Pot 90g, Golden City


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Ybody, 6 Pot 90g, Golden City 

The 6-tub dispenser is perfect to keep your glitter in one place, ideal for transporting your glitter and keeping your work station nice and neat.

Will do approx 300 glitter tattoos.

Glitters include, 15g of each shade

Grass Green, Jade Green, Royal Gold, Copper, Red and Purple.

Simple to use, dip your brush or finger in glitter and apply to damp paint or add a little Vaseline where you would like to apply the glitter and then add glitter on top.

For longer applications and glitter tattoos, use Body Art glue which should hold the Glitter for days.

Allow the glue on the skin to become translucent before applying the glitter powder.

Avoid use close to the eyes. 

The pots have individually-hinged lids.

Sorry, these are discontinued products, so only ones and twos available.

Image for guidance only.


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