Matteo Arfanotti, Blending No 7




 Superstar are pleased to produce this Blending Brushes No 7 by Matteo Arfanotti.

Manufactured by real craftsmanship, every brush goes through the hands of 10 different tradesmen.

The brushes are made of soft but sturdy elastic synthetic fibers, the steels are matte black and shorter than you normally expect.

Our Blending Brush No 7 is a really soft brush, suitable for large area to to blend with.

Blending Brushes are great for around the eye for shading and blending colours and  is also practical for cheek art designs.

Brush Length, 145mm

Bristle Width, 6mm

Bristle Length, 7mm

Brushes are disposable, extending life expectancy of your brushes can be achieved with good care and attention. Dont leave in water and clean with brush soap or cleaner after every use and dry.

The Matteo Arfanotti line consists of 9 different brushes, which include 3 Round Brushes, 4 Filbert Brushes  (including 1 Filbert Body brush) and 2 Blending Brushes.


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