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£79.99 GBP inc.VAT £100.42 GBP inc.VAT


Tag Body Art, 32g Palette, Deluxe

Our Deluxe Palette is similar to our regular Palette offer, however instead of a discount on the regular price, we actually add additional products to the price, so you get more for your money.

If you wish to make changes, simply choose from the full colour range on the links (highlighted Red) below and enter your changes on the notes section on the checkout page.

Deluxe Additions

3 x 32g Pearl Face Paints

6 x 15g Carnival Regular Glitter

Palette Including additions.

 Any 12 x 32g Tag Regular Face paints, ready supplied with below

(click for full colour option)

  White  Black  Red  Orange
 Brown  Pink  Green  L/Green
 L/Blue  Purple  Royal Blue  Yellow
Any 3 x 32g Tag Pearl Face Paints, ready supplied with below 
 Red  Silver  Gold


1 x  Make-up Case and Insert

any 6 x 15g Carnival Glitter

Ready supplied with,

Red, Blue Sapphire, Green Willow, Violet, Gold and Blue Lake.

You may exchange glitter for 3 x Tag 32g Regular Colours if you wish, simply  drop us a message in Note Box.

Total Value approx. £100.42

Special Price £79.99

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