Ben Nye, Fx Wheel, Severe Exposure 14g

Ben Nye

£18.99 GBP inc.VAT 


Our Ben Nye, CK-9 Severe Exposure, Effect Wheel will put the creativity of special effects colour right into the palm of your hand!
Containing 4 complimentary colours to focus on the special effect of your choice, create lifelike effects that will have your onlookers doing double takes!
Achieve a thin "stain" by blending with several drops of alcohol on a brush. Set with Setting Powder, followed by a light spray of Final Seal for extra durability.
Expect 50 - 300 designs
size, 0.5 oz / 14 gm

Contains the following colours:
FX-13 Capillary Stipple
CL-13 Fire Red
CL-10 Dark Sunburn
CR-2 Dusty Rose

Please note, this is part of the 0.5oz (14g) FX Colour Wheel Range, not the 1oz (28g) Profession Range Range.
Sorry this product is not applicable to discount or special offers
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