Mama Clown, 6 Pot Tattoo Glitter, 90ml

mama clown

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Mama Clown glitters are cosmetic grade glitters and can be used on the eyes, skin, and lips. MC glitters are finely cut and do not require adhesive to adhere to a face painting design. You can apply glitter to paint before it finishes drying and the glitter will stick to the paint. For a longer lasting finish, apply a small amount of Vaseline where you would like the glitter to stick and then apply glitter. 

  • Please see the table below for all available colours of Tattoo Glitter


 Electric Blue Magenta Silver Rainbow Silver Large Cut
Silver Foil Gold Rainbow Golden Glam Grass Green
Lavendar Lilac Purple Power Royal Red Sea Blue


When ordering please mention the 6 colours you would like. 

Be a mix of all colours or just 6 of the same colour we are happy to cater to every need.

This 6-tub dispenser is perfect to keep your glitter in one place. ideal for transporting your glitter and keeping your work station nice and neat, each pot holds 15g of glitter providing great value.

Will do approx 300 glitter tattoos.

Please Note No More Further Discount Available.


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