Global Colour Punch Palette


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Our Global Body Art, Colour Punch Palette, contains 6 x 10g Fun Strokes. 

Colour combinations are

No. 1 - Lilac, Magenta, White, Lime Green
No. 2 - Magenta, Yellow, Lime Green, Pearl Blue
No. 3 - Dark Blue, Pearl Blue, Teal, White
No. 4 - Pearl Merlot, Magenta, Yellow, White
No. 5 - Pearl Deep Blue, Magenta, Yellow, White
No. 6 - Lilac, Pearl Blue, Fresh Green, Yellow

We also stock the full range of Global 10g refills which snap into this palette for top ups.

They are Non Toxic and Hypoallergenic, and utilize a unique formula that is sourced from only the highest quality pigments and additives to assure world class consistency. 

Apply with a damp sponge or brush. This line of makeup may require a bit more water than other brands. The first time you use some colours you might need to work the colour until your break the "waxy" barrier. All standard colours are really nice for blending and line work. 
These paints contain no perfume to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

  • Non Staining
  • Vibrant
  • Strong Pigmented
  • Vegan friendly
  • Compliant with EU and FDA Toy and Cosmetics principles.


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