DFX, Ultimate Pro Palette

Diamond FX

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Our Diamond FX Ultimate Professional Palette is perfect for Face painters that work at a professional level, capable of painting 1,000's of Faces.
Over 20% saving.
We do not substitute quality for quantity, it is easy to create a palette with many items, however quality will always surpass quantity.
If you wish to mix and match colours, providing they are the same value, please drop us a message on the checkout page.
Any 9 x 30g DFX Essential Face Paints, ready supplied with below
 Black   White  Blue
 Dark Green  Purple  Red
 Pink  Orange  Yellow
 Any 3 x 30g DFX Metallic Face Paints, ready supplied with below 

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 Any 9 x 50g Split Blending cakes, ready supplied with below 

  Black Out  Carribean Punch  Colour Splash
 Funky Frog  Marine Monsoon  Raving Rainbow
 Sunshine Lobster  Tacolicious  Tropic Topic
Any 18 x 28g Split cakes, ready supplied with below 
  Bear Sense  Berry Blast  Black Out  Blue Lagoon
 Colour Splash  Cotton Candy  Critter Cucumber  Inferno
 Island Fever  Jungle  Midnight  Monsoon
 Rainbow  Seabreeze  Sunshine Lobster  Tacolicious
 Sweet Paradise  Strawberry Delight
 Plus, (click on highlighted red text for link to product)
3 x cases and inserts
which includes
14 assorted brushes by Tag Bodyart, contained within a professional wallet which stands for easy access during painting. Wallet contains:
3 x filbert (No 4, 6 and 12) 
4 x flat (No 4, 6, 8 and 12)
2 x angle (No 4  and 6) 
5 x round (No 2, 4, 5, 6 and 12)
Regular Price £377.75, Special Price £299.99.
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