Graffiti Eye Stencil, Emoji Mash Up

graffiti eyes

£10.99 GBP inc.VAT £19.99 GBP inc.VAT


Emoji Mash Up, Graffiti Eye Stencils.

This fun kit includes 40 different stencil elements including head shapes, faces, and accessories to create your favourite emojis! Perfect fun for all ages – everyone loves emojis!

Add a sophisticated flare to your designs and backgrounds, with our durable and easy to clean laser cut stencils, perfect to use with brush, sponge or airbrush. 

Includes 3 stencils, approx. 150mm x 100mm

Perfect for water or alcohol based liquid or cake make up product. 

These graffiti stencils were designed to mix & match shapes, colours to create an endless variety of flair to add to any of your designs – it is super easy, and like graffiti it is fast and fun!

Precision designed for perfect placement, these tools are a must have in your face & body art kit

Full step by step instructions included, plus full You Tube Tutorials

Stenciling is easy to achieve for every skill level of artist


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