ColorBlock 30g (Karen Huwen) Wow Factor



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Our 28g Cameleon, 1 stroke ColorBlock, Wow Factor by Karen Huwen is perfect for producing fast yet effective designs on children and adults.

Once applied, will last all day without cracking or fading and is so soft on the skin you won't even know its there.

Contains, Neon Teal, Neon White, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow and Neon Pink.

Perfect for rainbows, flames, butterfly wings, tropical flowers, dolphins, unicorn manes and more.

Karens Neon Range of Colorblocks are ideal for black light use and also a nice day-glo effect under regular lights.

It is so easy to make a stunning creation in just a few strokes and are perfect for face painting at festivals or children's parties.

To apply, use a moist sponge or brush, do not add water to the paint direct. Using the flat side of your damp sponge, wipe across the split cake, parallel with the stripes, loading the sponge. On the selected area of skin, gently dab the sponge (pressing, not wiping) until the desired density of paint is applied.

A 3/4” (18mm) or 1" (25mm) Flat, Filbert or Angle Brush are good brush options.

To remove paint from skin use soap and tepid water or a water based baby wipe.

Our Cameleon paints are hypoallergenic, do not contain perfume, parabens or beeswax, and not tested on animals.

Do not apply to irritated skin, avoid contact with fabrics, carpets and upholstery.

Use within 18 months after opening.

Sorry, no discount or special offers can be applied to this product.

Cameleon, Neon colours, as other brands, are made with pigments that have not been approved by the FDA to be used in cosmetics (the FDA has not tested them yet for cosmetic use) 

They have been independently tested and have been determined safe for cosmetic use by independent laboratories.

However, following FDA guidelines these colours are labeled as a Special FX product to be used on hair, prosthetics, clothing, etc. and “not” a cosmetic product.


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