Mehron 3-D Gel, Flesh 0.5oz




3-D Gelatin, Fleshtone

This is a gelatin-based special effects product for creating realistic skin, scars and prosthetic pieces.

Our 3-D Gel is used to create realistic three dimensional special effect additions to a characters makeup. Mehron has developed this 3-D Gel to create Realistic 3-D Effects in Blood Red, Clear and Flesh tone in multiple bottle sizes. 

You can create most ghoulish effects with 3-D Gel. To use the 3-D Gelatin Effects just heat it to a liquid form, brush on, allow curing, and carve it up to your delight.

There is no adhesive needed when using the 3-D Gelatin Effects. 3-D Gelatin Effects removes from skin and hair with warm water. 

3-D Gel, Gelatin Effects may be used as a substitute for latex on children.

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Size, .5oz


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